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Antique Shops and Auction Houses
Hudson River Valley

Verified (2016) up-to-date and comprehensive list of antique shops in the Hudson Valley of New York. Visit the Historic Hudson Valley where you'll find great places to shop for antiques while you have your own antiques appraised. If you need an appraisal for one of your prized antiques, there are many opportunities in the Hudson Valley to have a professional antique appraisal.

Visit antique shops and antique malls in the quaint towns and villages of Albany, Columbia, Dutchess, Greene, Orange, Putnam, Rensselaer, Rockland, Ulster, and Westchester County.

Find auctioneers and appraisal houses where you can have a painting, ceramic, or any other antique appraised, by reliable, knowledgeable, and experienced specialists that can give you a written appraisal of your item. Visit one or more auction galleries where you or an estate trustee can realize the value of your prized possessions. Fine art, antiques, and estate goods can be appraised in many locations in the Hudson Valley.

Take a scenic drive from New York City to the towns and historic villages in the Hudson Valley. Plan a Manhattan Getaway antiquing in the Hudson River Valley. Visit the Hudson River Towns, see magnificent landscapes, mountain ranges, rivers, and quaint villages in the historic Hudson Valley.

Visit villages, hamlets, and towns in the Hudson Valley that offer places to purchase collectibles and antiques.

After a day of shopping the antique stores eat-out in a Restaurant in Nyack where you can enjoy dining in a bistro, organic café, of fine dining establishment.

Antique Shopping in Westchester County
For the best antique shopping, be sure to visit Westchester antique shops and enjoy the thrill of hunting for that special collectible to bring home and add to your collection of fine antiques. Visit the charming villages of Southern Westchester where you can find many shops offering antiques and collectibles. Westchester antiquing is one of the best attractions in the villages along the Hudson River. Combine touring Westchester's River Towns with day trips that include shopping for antiques and fine dining in Westchester's River Towns. Before eating out browse through the After shopping the boutiques in Tarrytown be sure to eat-out in one of several excellent restaurants in Tarrytown-on-Hudson. You can also find several exceptional historic sites in Tarrytown and neighboring Sleepy Hollow.

If you're visiting the towns in Northern Westchester, visit
At the end of a full and wonderful day antiquing in Westchester NY, select a place-to-eat from the Westchester Restaurant Guide. You will find many excellent places to eat in Westchester.

Plan a weekend in Westchester. Spend the days in Westchester antique shops and touring historic sites in Westchester where you'll find the highest concentration of historic sites in the United States.

Antique Shopping in Putnam County
Plan a weekend visiting the River Towns of the Hudson Valley. Find the best places to stay and wonderful restaurants as you drive from village to village; viewing magnificent landscapes, beautiful mountains, lakes and the Hudson River. Be sure to stop in Cold Spring, New York.

Visit the Scenic Hudson Valley. Drive from Manhattan to the charming towns and historic villages scattered throughout the Hudson Valley. Drive through the Westchester River Towns offering one-of-a-kind shops, exceptional dining with waterfront views, and charming villages. Cross over to Putnam County where you'll find the historic village of Cold Spring on the Hudson. Find several unique stores and Antique shops in Cold Spring.

After a day of shopping the antique stores, eat-out in an excellent Hudson Valley Restaurant. Find the best places to eat, many offering Farm-To-Table cuisine supplied by local farms. Be sure to try some of the fabulous healthy and fresh foods along the Hudson River Valley.

Antique Shopping in Dutchess County
If you are planning to visit Dutchess, in the Hudson Valley of New York, be sure to visit the antique shops and antique malls in the small towns and villages of Dutchess County. Don't forget to bring that special antique that you've been waiting to have appraised. Visit
The Rhinebeck Antiques Fair is an amazing antique venue offering many excellent antiques and crafts from dealers attending from all around the country. If you are looking for antiques or crafts, be sure to visit the Rhinebeck Antiques Fair, located on Route 9 at the Dutchess Valley County Fairgrounds in Rhinebeck New York. This very popular Antiques and crafts show has been running for over 30 years and offers a summer and fall show. The antiques fair is held entirely indoors on the Dutchess County Fairgrounds at Rhinebeck Antiques Fair.

Browse the antique shops in the charming villages and towns in Dutchess County, New York. Enjoy the thrill of antique hunting and add antiquing in Dutchess County to your itinerary. Browse the antique stores in Millbrook, where you can stop for a cappuccino or fresh baked goods in Tazza Café. Check out the antiques shops in Red Hook or go antiquing in Stanfordville.

Take a scenic drive from New York City to the historic Village of Rhinebeck where you can visit the Antique Market at the Beekman Arms and other antique shops around this charming town. Be sure to plan a trip to the Rhinebeck Antiques Fair where a great selection of antiques and hand-made crafts are available.

Antique Shopping in Hudson
Find a wide range of antiques in the Hudson Valley in Hudson, New York. Hudson offers an amazing collection of antique stores in the antique district at Warren Street where you will discover more than 50 antique stores, dealers, and a wonderful collection of antiques covering decorative objects, furniture, lighting, and more dating from the 17th century. Feel the thrill of finding that special antique armoire, vase, chair, or lighting fixture offered by Hudson's antique dealers.

Plan a daytrip from Manhattan to Hudson in Columbia County, located in the upper Hudson Valley. Penn Station is only two hours from New York's major antique center on Warren Street where you can visit the historic city of Hudson, New York. Hudson is the Antique center of the Hudson Valley. Visit antique shops and more than 100 antique dealers on Warren Street and explore the antique markets in Hudson, New York. Hudson's antique dealers range from moderate to high-end shops with a wide range of antiques and collectibles.

Take a scenic drive or take Amtrak to the antique district in Hudson and other charming villages in Columbia County.

Antique Shopping in Nyack
For a fun day of antique shopping, visit Nyack in Rockland County, where you can go antiquing in the neighborhood of South Broadway and Main Street. Nyack is a village on the Hudson River offering several one-of-a-kind shops and places to find antiques, vintage clothes, and more collectibles.

Nyack also offers some of the finest restaurants in the Hudson Valley. After an afternoon of antiquing, visit one of several excellent Restaurants in Nyack, New York.

Antique Shopping in Albany
Are you spending time in Albany? Visit the Capital Region's Antique District and find antique stores, dealers, and a wide range of antiques covering decorative objects, furniture, lighting, and more from the 17th century to the 20th century. Enjoy searching for that one-of a kind antique armoire, vase, chair, or lighting fixture offered by the antique stores and antique dealers in Albany, New York.

Find shops offering vintage clothes and accessories. Find vintage clothing, vintage costume jewelry, furs, purses and vintage accessories. Find a great evening dress, smoking jacket, beaded sweater, or other unique vintage clothing item. Also, don't forget that special antique you've been waiting to have appraised at Before buying that next piece of antique furniture, or getting an appraisal from an antique dealer in New York, read What is an Antique? The more you learn and understand about antiques, the more fun you can have talking to antique dealers while searching the antique shops. More important, you will be prepared to intelligently negotiate for an expensive antique.

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