American Revolution - Stony Point Battlefield  "State Historic Site" | Stony Point Rockland County New York
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American Revolution - Stony Point Battlefield "State Historic Site"

Stony Point

Rockland County

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Battles of the American Revolution
Battle of Stony Point
Date: July 16th, 1779
Between: British against the American Continental Army
Location: 44 Battlefield Road, Stony Point, NY 10980, Rockland County

Click to enlarge entrance sign to Stony Point Battlefield.

Click to enlarge photo of Stony Point Entrance sign The sign reads: "The location of the American Light Infantry's midnight assault against a British garrison in 1779, and the oldest lighthouse on the Hudson River, built in 1826."

"Visit the site of the Battle of Stony Point, one of the last Revolutionary War battles in the northeastern colonies. This is where Brigadier General Anthony Wayne led his corps of Continental Light Infantry in a daring midnight attack on the British, seizing the site's fortifications and taking the soldiers and camp followers at the British garrison as prisoners on July 16, 1779."

Click to enlarge photo of Stony Point Battlefield & Lighthouse.

Click to enlarge photo of Stony Point Battlefield & Lighthouse "By May 1779 the war had been raging for four years and both sides were eager for a conclusion. Sir Henry Clinton, Commander-In-Chief of the British forces in America, attempted to coerce General George Washington into one decisive battle to control the Hudson River. As part of his strategy, Clinton fortified Stony Point. Washington devised a plan for Wayne to lead an attack on the garrison. Armed with bayonets only, the infantry captured the fort in short order, ending British control of the river."

Click to enlarge interpretive sign about Stony Point Battlefield Intrepidity.

Click to enlarge signage about Stony Point Intrepidity. Interpretive sign reads: "Near this location passed the north column of 300 American Light Infantry, commanded by Colonel Richard Butler of Pennsylvania. On the rocky height in front of the sign, was the Flagstaff Battery, which mounted a 12-pounder cannon. This weapon, like many of the others in the Upper Works, was kept unloaded at night, and could not have been lowered enough to fire on infantry below.

"Both Light Infantry column were preceded by a select group of men known as a 'forlorn hope," whose mission was to overcome sentries and remove barriers. It was a dangerous assignment: 17 of these 20 soldiers in the north column were either killed or wounded.

    ". . [he] conducted himself through the whole Assault with the greatest Intrepidity and coolness."
"The description might well have applied to his own action, since Steward, de Fleury, and Wayne were the only officers awarded medals by the Continental Congress for their courage and valor at the Battle of Stony Point."

Click to enlarge photo of picnic shelter at Stony Point Battlefield.

Click to enlarge picnic shelter at Stony Point Battlefield. This historic site features a museum with exhibits about the battle, Stony Point Lighthouse, and interpretive programs with reenactments highlighting 18th century military life, cannon and musket firings, cooking demonstrations, and children's activities and blacksmith demonstrations.

"Stony Point Battlefield is now a State Historic Site administered by the New York State Office of Parks, Recreation, and Historic Preservation, and is operated by the Palisades Interstate Park Commission. Thousands of people visit the Battlefield each year to see the site's special events and interpretive programs, enjoy panoramic views of Haverstraw Bay and the Hudson River, and visit the Stony Point lighthouse."

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Things To Do at Stony Point Battlefield
Costumed Interpreters
Educational Services
Group Tours
Historic House
Interpretive Signs
Museum / Visitors Center
Picnic Area
Scenic views of the Hudson Valley
Self-Guided Tours

Location: Stony Point

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