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West Point Visitors Center

West Point

Orange County

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Visiting West Point
West Point is located in West Point, NY 10996, Orange County in the Historic Hudson Valley.

"The Visitors Center provides an excellent central starting point for all visitors to the U.S. Military Academy. The Visitors Center and West Point Museum are open to the general public on a daily basis. Visitors may enter the academy grounds only by guided tours, however, there are no guided tours during Graduation Week, on Football home game days, or on any days the Visitors Center is closed or closes early. Tours may be cancelled at any time. It is strongly recommended that visitors call the Visitors Center, (845) 938-2638 the week they are traveling to West Point to check on the status of the tours."

    For current schedule of tours and prices, call West Point Tours at 845-446-4724.

"West Point is not open for self touring. Visitors may take a nominally priced guided tour of the Academy grounds departing from the West Point Visitors Center. Entrance is allowed for business, for visiting staff, faculty and cadets who live on West Point, and for public events such as concerts, sporting events, cadet reviews, and graduation. A valid photo ID is required for all adults 16 and over, and children must be accompanied by an adult. Please allow additional time to enter the post if coming for well-attended events such as football games and concerts.

"The original Visitors Center was officially opened May 1, 1952, in the field artillery sheds at the south end of post, a site now occupied by the provost marshal’s office. The current Visitors Center, which opened September 1, 1989, on the site of the former Ladycliff College Library, continues to attract, educate and inform the public about the Academy and its environs. Videos on cadet life and West Point history are shown continuously throughout the day."

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Location: West Point

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