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Thomas Cole "Historic Site"


Greene County

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The Thomas Cole National Historic Site is located at 218 Spring Street, near the western entrance to the Rip Van Winkle Bridge, in the village of Catskill NY 12414, Greene County in the Hudson Valley.

"Visit the Thomas Cole Historic Site and join a guided tour of Cole’s home and studio, see the film about his art, stroll through the flower gardens and enjoy the sweeping view of the Catskill Mountains. Take in a special lecture about the Hudson River School, or take a short drive to the magnificent nearby places seen in Thomas Cole’s paintings.

"In the early nineteenth century, many in this country were searching for a style of art that they could call their own. Painter, poet, and essayist Thomas Cole (1801-1848) responded to this quest by creating pristine landscape paintings unlike any yet seen in America. His vision of wild and untouched scenery with majestic mountains and tangled forests stood in stark contrast to the gentle landscape images that had come before.

"Influential people of the nascent New York cultural scene embraced his work enthusiastically, and Cole became the leader of an informal alliance of landscape artists now known as the Hudson River School . Thomas Cole, Asher Durand, Frederic Church, Sanford Gifford, Jasper Cropsey, and other painters, along with literary figures such as William Cullen Bryant and James Fenimore Cooper, forged a self-consciously 'American' style and landscape vision for what was still a relatively new nation.

"The artists of the Hudson River School were united by their belief that their art might lead to spiritual renewal and contribute to the formation of a uniquely American national culture. Their work established a notion of America as a new Eden, a concept that still resonates with artists, environmentalists, and landscape enthusiasts to this day."

Things To Do at Thomas Cole National Historic Site
Guided tour of nearby places seen in Cole's paintings
Hiking (Guided hike along Hudson River School Art Trail)
Hudson River School Art Trails
Lectures about the Hudson River School
School Programs
Sunday Salon Lectures
Visitor Center & Shop

    Children's Attractions and School Programs
    Activities designed for kids
    School programs (Student participation in history, art, literature, and preservation.)
    - Thomas Cole and the Creative Process
    - Youth Tour

Location: Catskill

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