Catskill Forest Preserve - Greene |  Greene County New York
Early evening over the Bear Mountain Bridge

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Catskill Forest Preserve - Greene

Greene County

Catskill Park, Ulster, Greene, forest preserve, Attractions, Outdoor Activities, Boating, Camping, Cross-Country Skiing, Fishing, Hunting, Trapping, Snowmobiles Catskill Forest Preserve - Greene

"The Catskill Park is a mountainous region of public and private lands in Southeastern New York's Ulster, Greene, Delaware and Sullivan Counties. Evidence of the area's unique natural history can be seen in the impressive skyline formed by the ninety-eight peaks over 3,000 feet in elevation. Human activities such as logging, quarrying, tanning, trapping, and fishing have also shaped the Park's more recent history. Today, tourism and recreation play a prominent role in both supporting the region's economy and creating an awareness of the Catskills' ecological significance.

"The Catskill Forest Preserve is defined as the 287,500 acres of state land within the Catskill Park. These public lands are primarily forested, but also include meadows, lakes, rivers, wetlands, waterfalls, cliffs, and many species of fish, wildlife, and plant life. Afforded Constitutional protections that prevent the removal of timber, lands within New York's Forest Preserve provide an abundance of both recreational opportunity and plant and wildlife habitat. Depending on park-wide land classifications and specific unit management plans, there are a variety of opportunities for public enjoyment of the Forest Preserve, including hiking, camping, hunting, fishing, skiing, mountain biking, rock climbing, canoeing, and snowmobiling."

    Article XIV of the New York State Constitution
    In 1894, a Constitutional Convention approved a new Article VII (now XIV), bringing New York's Forest Preserve lands under the state's highest level of protection. This proposal, combined with other amendments from the Convention, was approved by the people at the 1894 General Election and became effective on January 1, 1895. Article XIV's original wording, found below, still survives today in spite of numerous efforts to modify it."

    Section 1. The lands of the state, now owned or hereafter acquired, constituting the forest preserve as now fixed by law, shall be forever kept as wild forest lands. They shall not be leased, sold or exchanged, or be taken by any corporation, public or private, nor shall the timber thereon be sold, removed or destroyed. Nothing herein contained shall prevent the state from constructing, completing and maintaining any highway heretofore specifically authorized by constitutional amendment, nor from constructing and maintaining to federal standards federal aid interstate highway route five hundred two from a point in the vicinity of the city of Glens Falls, thence northerly to the vicinity of the villages of Lake George and Warrensburg, the hamlets of South Horicon and Pottersville and thence northerly in a generally straight line on the west side of Schroon Lake to the vicinity of the hamlet of Schroon, then continuing northerly to the vicinity of Schroon Falls . . . For complete text see

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Attractions and Outdoor Activities at Catskill Park
Boating (Canoeing)
Mountain Biking
Rock Climbing
    Winter Activities
    Cross county skiing

After an invigorating day of birding, hiking, mountain biking, nature study, or a short hike at Catskill Park; pack a picnic from the healthy produce at one of the local organic farms in Greene, or select one of many excellent restaurants in Greene County.

Location: Greene County

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